Dating Venues: Marriage in the Religious-Zionist World, Part IV

This is the fourth part in a series on dating and marriage in the Israeli religious Zionist community: Part I: Dating Readiness Part II: Meeting the One Part III: Genetic Testing Part V: Shidduch Crisis? VI: Internet Dating VII: Paying the Shadchan, or Not VIII: Wedding … [Read more...]

Genetic Testing in the Religious Zionist Community

This is the third part of a series on dating and marriage in the religious Zionist community in Israel. See more topics below. Dor Yesharim is an organization founded to prevent birth defects in the Orthodox community. I once heard Professor Ari Zivotovsky on the topic of genetic defects … [Read more...]

Marriage in the Religious Zionist Community II: Meeting the One

This is the second part of a series on marriage in the religious-Zionist community in Israel. I: Dating Readiness III: Genetic Testing IV: Dating Venues V: Shidduch Crisis VI: Internet Dating VII: Paying the Shadchan, or Not VIII: Wedding Costs IX: Planning Tips Today's … [Read more...]

Marriage in the Religious Zionist Community, Part I: Dating Readiness

This is the first in a series.  Also see Part II: Meeting the One, Part III: Genetic Testing, Part IV: Dating Venues, Part V: Shidduch Crisis?,  VI: Internet Dating, VII: Paying the Shadchan, or Not, VIII: Wedding Costs, IX: Planning Tips My oldest son is nearly twenty. I'm not encouraging him … [Read more...]

Calling Happily Married People (Or Not)

I met BadforShidduchim at the Second Jewish Bloggers' convention. She seemed mature and poised, and I wish I had had more time to talk to her. In a recent post, she asked female singles to rate qualities sought in a marriage partner: Please order the following characteristics according to their … [Read more...]

Shidduch Investigations

Cross-posted at DovBear In some Orthodox Jewish circles, marriages are arranged by the parents (shidduchim). The parents investigate the other side before the couple can meet. Much has been written about irrelevant concerns, such as whether the family uses white tablecloths on Shabbat. Here … [Read more...]

Teens, Sex and Eating Disorders: An Interview with the Therapy Doc

Never one to turn down free professional advice, I didn't hesitate when blogger Therapy Doc suggested an interview here on my blog. Coincidentally, while "visiting" my blog TD and her husband are in Israel visiting their son in yeshiva; see here (the end of the post) and here. Feel free to leave … [Read more...]

Author Henkin: “My Wife Is Not a JAP”

Josh Henkin, guest-blogging on Jewess about his new book Matrimony: I dated non-Jews over the years, but most of my serious relationships were with Jewish women, and the woman I married is Jewish. She fits none of the stereotypes of the Jewish woman—she’s not a Jewish American Princess, nor is she … [Read more...]