No More Kiss and Goodbye: The “Zero Separation” Revolution

This article first appeared in the Jerusalem Post's "In Jerusalem" supplement on Friday, April 8. Reprinted with permission.  Tapping into two issues affecting the hospital experience of young parents: the quality of care for the mother and newborn, and patients’ rights • By HANNAH KATSMAN When … [Read more...]

Flexible Maternity Leave: Good for Mothers, Babies or Employers?

The Neta Center (Women for Bettering Their Future) has proposed altering the laws surrounding maternity leave. Currently, maternity leave lasts for 14 weeks. If the mother has been working in the same position for the previous 10 months, she receives a monthly salary from the National Insurance … [Read more...]

Interview with Founder of Kayamamoms, for Single Religious Women Having Babies

Rusty Mike Radio interviewed Aviva Harbather, a founder of Kayamamoms. Kayamamoms was founded to help religious single women who are considering having babies on their own. The event discussed, with Rabbi Benny Lau, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a fertility doctor and a psychologist, took place on … [Read more...]

When Should Babies Start Solid Foods?

A reader writes: So Tipat Chalav is now advising to give all babies tastes of food beginning at *4* *months*, because if we "wait" until 6 months some babies get more attached to the bottle and might resist integrating solids into their diet.Isn't there some statistic about breastmilk-only for 6 … [Read more...]

An Insider’s View of Tipat Chalav

"Nurse Yachne" shared the following in response to the post on Tipat Chalav: What Parents Need to Know. Tipat Chalav (well-baby clinic) policies are often imposed top-down.  About twelve years ago when I was a school nurse, we all held meetings together with the Tipat Chalav nurses. A decision … [Read more...]

Tipat Chalav Survival Guide for Parents

On Twitter, @mrsroth mentioned how a nurse handed her 18-month-old a cup and spoon. The little girl started to "stir" with the spoon, but failed that developmental task because she was supposed to pretend to eat from the bowl. Everyone loves to complain about Tipat Chalav, the network of … [Read more...]

Are Cribs a Safe Place for Babies?

During our discussion on the safety of co-sleeping, I pointed out that cribs carry risks as well. They are constantly being recalled. I'm not saying that putting a baby to sleep in a crib is riskier than co-sleeping. So much depends on the situation. Also, it's hard to gather accurate statistics, … [Read more...]

Should Co-Sleeping Be Outlawed?

Milwaukee wants to make bed-sharing illegal. This report looks at this complex reasons for and factors. According to this report, every case of a baby dying in bed in Milwaukee in the last year and a half had one common factor. Can you guess which one? Adult Drinking Other Children in … [Read more...]

Is Babywearing Unsafe?

My friend Hadassa Levy, a babywearing consultant, wrote this guest post in light of safety warnings connected to soft baby carriers. Israeli parents and caregivers are concerned and confused about babywearing, after a US consumer advisory warned that wearing your baby in a sling can lead to … [Read more...]

Empathy, Mother-Guilt, Shabbat, Career Skills, Anger, and Idleness

RaggedyMom showed me this CNN story about developing children's social maturity. In a  fourteen-year study, the preschool children of mothers who described a picture using emotional language showed more empathy and better social skills when they got older. It is important to encourage children to … [Read more...]