Introduction to Microwave Cooking

Follow-up post with recipesOleh Girl Yael has an electricity-challenged apartment, and her only reliable cooking appliance is her microwave. I dedicate this post to her.Almost any food can be cooked in the microwave, once you learn the techniques.I'm not an engineer so forgive me if my explanation … [Read more...]

Four cooking days until Rosh Hashanah. . .

Israeli Kitchen has suggestions for Honey Challah and Honey Cake. … [Read more...]

A visit with Abbi, and the bug in the challah dough

What I've been up to this week:Met Commenter Abbi in the park. Her children are so sweet! (Sorry about the photo quality--I can't get through to Canon about repairing the camera.) I was glad for an excuse to get out of the house and socialize. On a related note, I don't understand how Israeli … [Read more...]

My new toy + Chickpea patties

Of the three suitcases I brought home from my trip, one was heavy with my latest kitchen gadget--a cast-iron griddle. (The guitar didn't arrive on time; it's a long story.) After getting the griddle home it had to be toveled (immersed in the ritual bath), dried carefully, scrubbed and dried again, … [Read more...]

Kosher Cooking Carnival #29: Pre-Passover Edition

Welcome to the April 7, 2008 edition of kosher cooking carnival. Here are the previous editions: #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#9,#10,#11,#12,#13,#14,#15,#16,#17,#18, #19,#20,#21,KCCMetaCarnival,#22,#23,#24,#25,#26,#27.#28 Thanks to Batya for all of her hard work on the KCC. She will be hosting … [Read more...]

28th Kosher Cooking Carnival

The 28th Kosher Cooking Carnival- Dayenu edition is up at Frumhouse. I'll be hosting the next one on April 7, so get cooking! Topics will include Pesach recipes, Purim accomplishments and recipes for getting rid of hametz. And anything else relating to kosher cooking. You can submit your own posts … [Read more...]

Microwave Apple-Pear Sauce

My son called from yeshiva to make sure I would be serving latkes and applesauce when he comes home tomorrow. Homemade applesauce is easy to make, especially if you can find someone to peel the apples. My husband bought apples with brown spots in the shuk just for that purpose, and they waited in … [Read more...]

Rosh Chodesh Av: Kosher Cooking Carnival # 20

Blog Carnivalkosher cooking carnivalarchives | submit post Welcome to the July 16, 2007, 20th edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival! When I suggested this date to Batya, I didn't realize that it fell on the first day of the Hebrew month of Av. According to the mishnah, "Mishenichnas Av … [Read more...]

Pesach Menus

Dov Bear complained that the "women in his life" spend too much time worrying about the Pesach menu. So he made his own suggestions: First night: Steak, potatoes First day: Fish, Israeli Salad Second night: Steak, Israeli salad Second day: Fish, potatoes I thought it would be bad when I … [Read more...]

Potato Kugel Secrets

If you are coming here from a search, welcome to my blog. I invite you to look at the sidebar to read some more on Judaism, Jewish holidays, Israel, baby names, and parenting. You can find more recent posts on the homepage. If you try the recipe please let me know how it turned out. For more recipes … [Read more...]