Scandal of the Schoolbooks

It started with a boycott of cottage cheese. Next were protests against high apartment prices and rentals. Then there was daycare, baby items (!) and now electricity. Israelis are protesting high prices everywhere. I'm not sure there is an easy way to solve most of these problems. Health care is … [Read more...]

The "Bayit Ham" Social Experiment

This year the education ministry started a new project known as Bayit Ham, or "warm house." A few times a year groups of 4-5 children meet at one of their homes for an activity planned by the parents. Considering how much parental involvement is for the project, I'm surprised at the level … [Read more...]

Gender Separation in Religious Schools

The Shabbat alon Matzav Haruach published an article by Neemanei Torah ve-Avoda. The liberal Orthodox group connected with the religious kibbutz movement wants to return to mixed-gender classes in religious elementary schools. Actually article is not really the correct term, as it was more of a … [Read more...]

Back-to School Shopping

I know we're already deep into Rosh Hashanah and, unfortunately, politics and terror, but I hope it's not too late to share this picture from one of my visits to the bookstore to amass the required materials. While the owner of the store was ringing up my purchase, someone called looking for a … [Read more...]

Emanuel Bet Yaakov Retains License but Loses Funding

The court had required a compromise by August 25. I didn't believe it would happen. But the educational ministry has ruled that the Bet Yaakov Hasidi, the girls' school in Emanuel that refused to admit a group of children of sephardi background, will retain its license but lose all government … [Read more...]

Reform for Yeshiva High School Admission Process

The yeshiva high school system* in Israel is elitist. To get in you need a good report card, high test scores, financial means, and, often, "protekzia." There are alternatives—private programs for kids who don't fit in to the yeshiva high school system, and public religious high schools. But those … [Read more...]

Back to School Shopping Tips, 2010

We're less than a month away from the start of school. I have no idea whether my first-grader's class will remain intact. I lost the book lists, which mysteriously disappeared after I put them in a folder marked "school." A neighbor is holding on to a batch of books for my 11th grader, and I passed … [Read more...]

Settlement in Emmanuel Bet Yaakov Segregation Dispute

Update: It looks like the story is not over yet. The rabbinic court said it did not receive notice that Lalom revoked his lawsuit. It criticized him for going to the secular court, and claimed that it never said there was racism. The letter can be seen here (Hebrew). I don't know what the … [Read more...]

Parents of Emanuel Bet Yaakov Students Set to Go to Jail

Update below, and more here: Settlement in Emanuel Bet  Yaakov Segregation Dispute The parents of the "Beit Yaakov Hasidi," a breakaway girls' school in the small West Bank town of Emanuel, were found in contempt of court last month for refusing to send their children to an integrated school. … [Read more...]

Sending a Child to a School Where She’s Not Wanted

Rafi left the following comment on the story of the principal from Beit Shemesh who threatened a student with social isolation: It is sad that this is happening, and I don't understand why the parents insist on sending the kid to this school that doesn't want her. Whatever the reason is, right or … [Read more...]