Are Burka Ladies a Threat to Mainstream Orthodox Women?

This is a response to a discussion on the Face-Covering Jewish Women from Beit Shemesh on a private Orthodox Jewish forum. The poster, —œCapital Chick— from Canada, gave permission to post. I have edited it slightly. Capital Chick is responding to forum members who argue that this is none of our … [Read more...]

Face-Covering Families in Beit Shemesh: A Destructive Cult?

These pictures, from Nahar Hayarden Street in Beit Shemesh, were posted on The youngest one looks about four years old. They are covered from head to toe in black, except for the youngest who enjoys a red, white and blue print with a blue head-covering. The girls from this group, which … [Read more...]

Cashier Denied Employment in Haredi Supermarket Because of Wig

A few days ago the haredi internet forum Behadrei Haredim reported on a Chabad woman who lost her job as a cashier in a haredi supermarket, because she wore a wig instead of a scarf or snood. As I've mentioned several times, the "hyper-tzniut" movement discourages wigs. Women are frequently … [Read more...]

Update: The Edah Discourages Veils, Etc.

According to the latest pashkevil (wall poster), posted by Rafi of Life in Israel, the Edah Charedit warns women against adopting new customs, going against their husbands, wearing strange clothing including veils, and dressing up their daughters according to various stringencies. The Edah … [Read more...]

Update: Edah Claims to Object to Shawls, Poster False

Update: According to comments on the Kikar Shabbat website, the date of the posters recommending shawls for all wmoen is from six years ago. Someone must have reprinted and posted them. The Edah Haredit claims they are not behind the current poster. They claim to have considered prohibiting … [Read more...]

Hyper-Tzniut Mom Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail

The "Taliban mother" was sentenced to four years in jail for child abuse. The Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday sentenced to four years in prison the woman who the media have nicknamed the "Taliban mother" - because she covers herself from head to toe in clothing - over three months after this … [Read more...]

Haredi Women Advised to Sit on a Separate Bench from Immodestly Dressed Women

According to the religious Zionist weekly Matzav Haruach, the following sign appeared in a playground in the haredi neighborhood of Neve Yaakov in Jerusalem: According to the suggestion of our teacher the great rabbi H. Kanievsky, women are requested as follows, to divide seating in the city … [Read more...]

Hyper-Tzniut Fashions for Young Girls

Hyper-Tzniut at the Jerusalem Zoo While the face-covering phenomenon seems to have died down, shalim, capes or cloaks worn over the shoulders to disguise the contour of the  body, are still popular. I saw many women in shalim during our visit to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, along with the two … [Read more...]

Face-Covering Mother of Twelve Convicted of Child Abuse

The trial of Bruria Keren, the face-covering mother of 12 who started a movement encouraging hyper-tzniut (extreme modesty), has been convicted of abusing six of her twelve children. Keren attracted the attention of the press in December 2007 because she covered her face, wore multiple layers of … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Face-Covering from Resident of Arab Emirates

"Autumn" left the following comment on the "Burka Wedding" post, in response to a comment by Ora:Ora wrote:"I think there's a big problem with covering the face. It's dehumanizing. I don't know what research, if any, has been done on the subject, but I would think that not seeing a someone's face … [Read more...]