The Haredi Protest that Ynet Missed

It looks like the school crisis in Beit Shemesh has been resolved for the time being, with the teachers invited to prepare for the school year under police protection. Today's poster reminds us that disputes over religious issues in Israel can be worked out peacefully. Please welcome Naomi … [Read more...]

How I Make Shabbat in Two Hours

A reader asked me how she can cook for Shabbat in two hours or less. I referred her to my tips for winter Fridays. Today I'll describe what I actually do most weeks. The biggest revelation for me was that I could serve the same thing both on Friday night and Shabbat morning. My kids are all happy … [Read more...]

Keep the Heat Out of Your Kitchen This Shabbat

Keeping the kitchen cool on Shabbat can be a challenge. Hot food has to be set up before Shabbat and kept warm, in a kitchen that may have seen a lot of cooking that day. And most people like to have warm food for Shabbat lunch too--most rabbis agree that it's a halachic requirement. Here are some … [Read more...]

Pashkevilim: Wall Posters in Jerusalem Part III, Spoofs and Cellphones

This is Part III of a series on pashkevilim, the anti-establishment wall posters hung in large haredi neighborhoods. The series is based on a talk by Tzuriel Rashi of Michlelet Lifshitz and Bar Ilan University. See Part I and Part II. Pashkevil forbidding the use of Zionist banknotes. Credit: Ben … [Read more...]

Pre-Shavuot Shabbat

Glossary below. Two holidays are so special that the preceding Shabbat has special significance: The Shabbat before Pesach is known as Shabbat Hagadol, and the Shabbat before Yom Kippur is called Shabbat Shuvah. The rabbi always gives a special shiur on the other two special sabbaths. Tomorrow he … [Read more...]

Creative Cooking Using Leftovers: Chicken Casserole

chicken casserole I am enjoying Mimi's challenge of cooking with whatever she has in the house. As food manager of a large family I have had to learn to keep well-stocked, but when I run low I try not to run across the street. We shop at a large grocery every three weeks or so, the shuk for produce … [Read more...]

A long speech and a double-duty Torah reading

Chanting the Torah takes skill and preparation, so traditional synagogues assign someone to chant the weekly biblical portion. Sometimes members take turns, while some synagogues hire a professional. Lion of Zion is one such professional who often writes about the intricacies of the cantillation … [Read more...]

Israeli Army Chaplains and Sabbath Observance

Our Shiputzim posted a letter about army chaplains accompanying soldiers to the Gaza front. The letter's author, YAR, and YAR's brother, one of the chaplains, are relatives of "Our Shiputzim."I'll wait while you read it.On Shabbat, our rabbi spoke about this incident and the question of Sabbath … [Read more...]

Easy Shabbat Links

More posts on efficient Shabbat cooking:Ilana-Davita posted recipes for Egg Curry and Swedish Chowder.Mrs. S. over at "Our Shiputzim" shares her ideas. Don't be put off by the title of her blog--she warns you when she is going to write about home renovations. Here's how she makes freezable potato … [Read more...]

The Day is Short, and the Work is Great: Efficient Shabbat Preparations

It seems that just when Shabbat starts to "come in" (as my kids say) at a normal hour, the clocks get switched back. With candlelighting at around 4 PM, I have to be organized. Below I post techniques that I have used. I prefer not to cook in advance. With certain exceptions, food pulled out of … [Read more...]